Those Who Are Wondering How Rs 2000 Notes Will Help In Fighting Corruption! Read This!…..

People all over the nation are having a hard time ever since the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the high currency notes will not be considered a legal tender. A brave move taken by Modi ji to free the nation from the black nation, and to curb the corruption.1000-500-rupee

PM Narendra Modi did mention in his speech that the demonetization of high currency notes will cause some inconvenience to the people. The most impacted from this move are the poor people who don’t have a credit or debit card. People who are having a marriage at home or some functions have been hit hard by this move. Another group which is affected majorly is uneducated rural labour , who might not be having bank account {you might ask about jan dhan yojna} . There are chances of their exploitation by local leaders , politicians, bank officials, police men………

Now on the question……

With this demonetization move, the Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes have became obsolete. They are just worthless piece of paper now. This bold move is taken by Narendra Modi to free the nation from the black money which is stashed in the safes and lockers of the corrupt people. This will flush all the black money and will break the grip of corruption and will help in developing the nation.

There are many politicians who are questioning the intentions of the government in stopping the corruption and dealing with black money. Everyone is asking the government to explain the logic behind banning Rs 1000 notes and introducing Rs 2000 notes.2000-note

84% of currency by value in India are of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 denominations.

According to the RBI database, Rs 17,54,000 crore worth of notes are in circulation in the Indian economy. In this Rs 500 notes constituted almost 45% of the currency in circulation, and Rs. 1000 notes constituted around 39% of the total notes in value terms. But in volume, Rs 10 and Rs 100 notes constituted a total of 53% of the notes in circulation.


Liquidity problem is the main reason behind the introduction of Rs  2000 notes. Demonetization of   500 and 1000 rupee notes will create a severe liquidity problem. As a result the small businesses       will take a hit and the country’s growth will stall. The middle class people and the poor people will       be the ones to suffer the most from this move. If liquidity problem is not handled properly the country can  go bankrupt.  economics_image_liquidity_shortfall_in_india

The most logical solution to this problem is Rs. 2000 notes. This will infuse liquidity, will provide high denomination in the economy in a short period of time. 

Rs. 2000 notes would make the transportation of a big amount easy. This would also make the refilling operations in ATMs very easy and less time consuming .

With Rs 2000 introduction, there will be a change problem. The new Rs. 500 notes will address this problem.nana_money change.jpg

Rs. 2000 notes will make the corruption easy, it would benefit the bribe givers and takers. Earlier those who carried 100 notes of Rs. 1,000 notes will now carry only 50 notes of 2,000 value. How to deal with it?

Narendra Modi is a very smart fellow. He has already planned everything. The new Rs. 2000 won’t stay for long, it’s will be demonetized too in a year or two. With this bait, he’ll catch even bigger fish next time. It’s a short term solution. With this move, people will adopt the digital banking tools. Businesses soon will have swiping machines.

The new Rs.2000 won’t stay for long; it’s will be demonetized too in a year or two.

Please give your valuable feedback, and I am always there for a fruitful debate and explanation .

Thank you very much

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6 thoughts on “Those Who Are Wondering How Rs 2000 Notes Will Help In Fighting Corruption! Read This!…..

  1. will he remain in power that long to demonetize 2000 notes? 3 years of lacklustre rule… lets see how long mere bravado lasts


    1. I think yes…. We dont have any choice then him . He will remain in power for atleast 2 more tenure ie till 2029 . There is no other leader to compete with him on national level. And pathetic tricks of amit shah will make sure that . But yes I think yhere should be one more demonetization for Rs 2000 note . Please remain tuned to the page for more post .


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