Indian Scientists and CIA

You might think, how CIA (American Intelligence agency) can be related to Indian scientist. What the logic for such blog. Scientist not only work on developing Indian defense and aeronautic logistics, they also work for making India a new Defense and aeronautic power.

Death of Indian scientists are some of the greatest mysteries of all time. I am writing few incidents on assassination of Indian scientists. In first part, I will mention mystery about death the famous and great scientists while in second part, I will mention mystery about death of scientists recently.

Vikram Sarabhai, who was Indian physicist and nuclear scientist, found dead in the hotel room in 1971 for no apparent reason. In one article of The New Indian Express writing of Vikram Sarabhai’s colleague Nambi is mentioned,

“With faith in the Japanese wisdom on onboard-control systems and the German mastery over fabrication, both not allowed by the US to be put to use by those countries, Sarabhai was trying to forge a deadly brotherhood. The US was ostensibly unhappy.”[1]

(Writing of Vikram Sarabhai’s colleague Nambi mentioned in article of The New Indian Express.)

Death of Vikram Sarabhai is still mystery. I think either system is pressurised or has no interest in solving this mystery. Even Dr. Abdul Kalam (Junior of Vikram Sarabhai) who was treated third degree and beaten by police.

Similar thing was with Homi Jehangir Bhabha. Homi Bhabha is called as a ‘Father of Indian Nuclear Program’. He was also killed 50 years ago in one plane crash in Switzerland near Mt. Blanc. More interesting fact is he was killed after a week when he made statement “India could produce a nuclear device in a short time.” Still some have obvious doubts that CIA was involved in his murders.[2]

48 year old scientist Lokanathan Mahalingam, who worked at Kaiga Atomic Power Station, went missing from his morning walk on June 8, 2009. After 5 days, his dead body was found in the river Kali.[3] He had access to India’s some sensitive nuclear information. It is not sure he was kidnapped and murdered or he did suicide or he mistakenly fell into river.

A young scientist Ravi Mule, who worked for Nuclear Power Corporation, was also killed and his death is still mystery.[4] M Iyer and Uma Rao, who were engineers at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), were also killed in 2010 and 2011 respectively.[5]

Dead Bodies of Partha Pratim Bag and Umang Singh, who were scientists at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), found burnt in modular lab of Radiation and Photochemistry department in 2009. It is mysterious that how they got burnt because no inflammable thing was found in Lab.[6]

India lost 11 nuclear scientist in the span 2009 to 2013. Apart from these 11, 15 more scientists lost their lives mysteriously.

But Bhaba’s and scientist’s are not the only cases. Some of the people have been spoken about quite often, while some have been shoved under the carpet. All very intriguing nonetheless.

Lal Bahadur Shastri

India’s first Prime Minister to die while in office, Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death is still very much in mystery. The year was 1966 when Shastri and the then President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan, met in Tashkent, Russia for a summit that had been organised by Soviet PM Alexei Kosygin, the meeting was of very high importance.

That very night, PM Shastri died. While the official reports said that he died of heart attacks, it was pretty evident that wasn’t the case. When his wife saw his body she was extremely troubled to notice that his body was blue with cuts all over. It is generally after someone is poisoned that their body turns blue.

Moreover, Shastri’s daughter was the last one to speak to him before his death. His last words twere, “I’m going to have a glass of milk and sleep.” The line got disconnected and Suman (his daughter) tried again. When she finally got through 15 minutes later, he was already dead. This was also very suspicious because Shastri was a healthy man for his age, and a heart attack instantly killing him like that would have been unnatural.

One thing that confirms that something fishy was going on were the two witnesses who were scheduled to talk to a parliamentary body back in 1977. First was R.N. Chugh, Shastri’s doctor, who accompanied him to Tashkent. While on his way to Delhi by road to testify before the committee, he was hit by a truck and killed. Second was Ram Nath, his personal servant, who was also around on that fateful day. According to family members, Ram Nath met them before the deposition and said, “Bahut din ka bojh tha, amma. Aaj sab bata denge (I have been carrying this burden too long. I will shed it today).” Saying this he left the residence to make his way to the parliament, but he never got there. He was hit by a moving vehicle on the road. The accident left him with amputated legs, and a loss of memory. Something was very wrong, wasn’t it?
The CIA was notorious for assassinating unfriendly foreign leaders in the 1960s. In fact, several of the CIA’s (unsuccessful)attempts on Fidel Castro’s life during 1960-1965 are well documented. Let’s not forget these were the days of the Cold War, and Shastri was deemed unfriendly by the US. Shastri had defeated a US ally (Pakistan) and had refused to shut down India’s nuclear program, so getting him out of the way in another country could’ve very well been an option they took.

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) lost 684 personnel in time span of 15 years which means on average 45 scientists are dying in an year.[7]

Dear Indians! This is for you. Keep crying on death of bollywood star, Dr. Hathi, On Jail of Salman Khan, fight for Hindu- Muslim agenda etc. On the other hand, we are losing our scientists, engineers and few real leaders day by day who are real architect of India and working for nation.[8]If you can’t break silence now, then never complain why we are not superpower.

Make India Great Again!


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7 thoughts on “Indian Scientists and CIA

  1. I did not know about this. Thanks a lot for making these facts available to us. This is what media (domestic and international) is doing. They are taking our attention away from important news by keeping our attention away to the petty facts. Indians are so talented, but unfortunately they always sucumb to ‘white’ skin. This is the reason the britishers were also able to exploit us so easily. We should be proud of our ‘brown’ skin.

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