About me

Welcome to An Indian Inside blog……

I’m a curious and proactive History seeker.

I’m a young Indian, just starting out with my first Engineering, and like so many people my age, I face complex issues of national identity and heritage.


Who are we as a nation?

Where did we come from, and where are we going?

That’s what my blog is for: searching for India’s Soul. But just as much, I’m searching for my own soul too. And so I’m heading back to our metaphorical Roots: The History of the Subcontinent.

I’ve always been passionate about real History and inspired by the positive influence it can have on an audience and their perspective on life. I love engaging with the topics and people I cover diving headfirst into the research and investigation. Production of blogs, I feel, are worth writing about. History is something that’s sadly neglected in my homeland and I think the lack of a solid sense of historical consciousness and national heritage contributes to our modern-day identity crisis.

My goal, when I started this site, was to explore the modern world through the prism of history: modern culture, politics, and religion can be traced back to historical events.

Through this blog I would like to present a new prospective of Ancient India and Indian roots. I’ll try to keep my articles as short and interesting as possible with tons of connections to themes that I will be presenting over the next few years.

Stay tuned with my blog .


An Indian Inside